About Al Fandi Group


AL-MAZROUI GROUP was established in 1975, as a General Trading and contracting firm by its present Chairman Mohammed Al-Fandi Al-Mazroui. During the ensuing years, the company has widened the scope and range of its operation to include such diverse activities as: General Trading, Contracting, Catering, Hotel management, Travel & Tourism, Trade in Electronics and Computer, regular participant in government tenders for Medical, Agricultural, Municipality, Veterinary products and disposable, and supply of Airport Ground Support Equipment, Power Cables and Generators, Piping Systems and Oilfield Services, as well as Representation as Sponsors and/or Agents of Foreign Companies functioning as Project Consultants and Manages, Contractors in most field of Engineering and Construction, Financiers and Financing Advisors, Oil Industry Plant Builders and Operators. Apart from running his personal business, Mr. Mohammed Al-Fandi Al-Mazroui is one of the Executive Directors of Al-Ain Ahlia Insurance Company and also an Ex-member of the National Consultative Council, Abu Dhabi.

The Head Office of M.A. Al-Mazroui Group is located in Flat No. 501/502, Al-Fandi Al-Mazroui Building, Istiqlal Street, houses the offices of Chairman, Managing Director, General Manager, Estimating, Cost Control, Procurement, Administration and Finance & Accounting.

The Management, as its basic function, controls the administration and policy matters of the company and in the meantime promotes client relations, business prospects, modernization of the construction plant and equipment, updating construction techniques, development of quality and safety standards, and labour welfare.

Our scope is to achieve and maintain more quality product and better customer relation and services at all times.

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