Catering & Foodstuff


With MOHAMED ALFANDI & PARTNERS CATERING AND FOODSTUFF LLC (Partnership Company) Camping, Catering, Laundry & Janitorial Services contract with various Government Hospitals, Oil Companies, Other Governmental Departments since 1981.

Catering for oil and gas companies, both on-shore and offshore, was one of our first ventures in Abu Dhabi. We now provide catering, laundry, janitorial services, security, and more. We thrive not only to make the service standards exemplary, but also to make the hard job of living offshore more enjoyable.


Known for our innovative, dynamic and aggressive style, multi-ethnic Cuisines, safety and hygiene standards and human resource support, our committed dedicated management and staff serve our clients efficiently and Cost effectively by providing the highest quality of safe and wholesome food prepared, presented and delivered to their exact requirements.

Driven by population growth, a buoyant economy and the rapid expansion of markets across the UAE, the GCC and the Middle East, the region witnessed investments worth billions of dollars in the food import and export sector. As business flourished, we cemented our position as a leading importer and exporter of quality foodstuff throughout the Arabian Gulf, and went on to diversify into complementary areas of business including packaging and retailing.

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